Get Local Expertise

We offer access to every Miami real estate listing by all brokerages in Miami-Dade and Broward.
Our industry relationships translate to preferential access for our clients. Some clients want to be up-to-date about every potential property; others rather only be contacted about the ones that fit their specific needs. We’re equally happy to show you whatever’s available.

Price Negotiations

When negotiating an offer, the seller’s agent will be bargaining hard for their client – just as we care for ours. We believe the best way to gain an advantage is to be well informed about the local market. We will present a strong case for why our offer is a fair one for them – and land a great price for you. As an objective third party and an expert in the field, we can give you a sense of how much potential there is to build equity in a home. Need a referral to a mortgage professional? We can put you in touch with lending brokers who our past clients have used.

Contract to Escrow

Every deal is a high-stakes real estate deal, no detail is ever overlooked. Knowing and simplifying the process is our job, we will be there every step of the way to explain it and keep you posted.